Question: "Over the next 30 years, we'll need to feed two billion more people.  How can we do that without overwhelming the planet?" - National Geographic

Answer: "We develop and produce energy the world will need in accordance with world-class environmental standards.  We ensure the fuel for Economic Development comes through ethical and sustainable means.  We work with stakeholders and together exude confidence because of progressive corporate governance." - CEEA Board of Governors

What's new

Four-Horse Cup - On September 14th, CEEA hosted the inaugural Four-Horse Cup at the Silver Springs Golf & Country Club.  Congratulations to the winning team of John Gorman, Darin Wright, Chris Dutcher, and Bill Matheson - their names are forever engraved in Oilmen's lore and on display at the Petroleum Club.  A big thanks to our tournament sponsors, participants, and the staff at Silver Springs G&CC.

Save the Date! - November 18th, CEEA is hosting an Executive Business Forum (EBF).  To learn more about the EBF, visit our Events page. 

This just in

Join CEEA at one of our flagship events, the 2020 Executive Business Forum, where we will be discussing Canada's Road to Recovery.  This event is hosted by the Calgary Petroleum Club and will offer two types of tickets: in-person and virtual.  Two spectacular panels will provide macro-energy insight and suggest how Canada's maintains its leading position in global economic, environmental, sustainability, and governance expectations.  Click here for more info

Who we are, what we do, and why

For 70 years, the Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) has brought together stakeholders focused on progressing the Canadian energy industry. We believe our nation’s greatest successes are secured through strategic partnerships. For CEEA, the fabric of true accomplishment is woven through the collaboration of producers, service providers, indigenous communities, policy-makers, academia, investors, and everyday Canadian citizens. Our industry is vital to maintaining the standard of living for every Canadian. When uncertainty creeps into the ‘everyday’ we navigate through the ambiguity and work together to move ever-upward!

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A message from the Chairs

John Cooper & Kathy Bowden

As the Covid-19 virus and the oil price collapse continues to dominate our businesses and personal lives, we want to thank all healthcare workers, and acknowledge everyone working on the frontline of essential businesses. Many of these individuals are found in our industry.  Their collective efforts, support our communities across Alberta and Canada and allow us to maintain our well being. As economies begin to open, CEEA will play a pivotal role in advocating, networking, and providing education around what our industry has done, and will do, to support Canada and allow it to thrive.

While we acknowledge that there are challenges ahead, CEEA will work with all
stakeholders to be part of the solution. We have never been more proud of our industry and how it has played a major role in the fight against Covid19. This pandemic has clearly illustrated the overwhelming net-benefit of hydrocarbons in society. Without petroleum-based products in healthcare, and the ongoing timely transportation of goods across the world, we would not be having discussions around reopening. We have heard time and time again, that the key to opening our communities and country, is the ability to conduct mass testing. Our industry provides the building blocks for test kits, PPE, and the transportation for these and other supplies critical to the health and well being of Canadians. We are proud of our past, present, and future contributions to the health and economy of Canada.


CEEA is committed to ensuring Canada remains the most environmentally responsible, collaborative, and sustainable producer of energy our world needs. We have, and will continue to make a difference, as we collectively find solutions and move forward. We wish everyone good health as we continue to move upward. Excelsior!

© 2020 Canadian Energy Executive Association

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