Question: "Over the next 30 years, we'll need to feed two billion more people.  How can we do that without overwhelming the planet?" - National Geographic

Answer: "We develop and produce energy the world will need in accordance with world-class environmental standards.  We ensure the fuel for Economic Development comes through ethical and sustainable means.  We work with stakeholders and together exude confidence because of progressive corporate governance." - CEEA Board of Governors

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70th Energy Business Forum & Oilmen's Golf Tournament - Aug 26-28 - learn more

Energy Business Forum Anniversary - 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of our Energy Business Forums (EBF).  As flagship events, our EBF's provide an opportunity to hear from Heads of State, Ambassadors, Politicians, Indigenous Leaders, Influencers, and Industry Leaders.  In accordance with CEEA's Vision, we will continue to bring together senior stakeholders while staying focused on progressing the Canadian energy industry.  Check out our dedicated EBF page here.

Who we are, what we do, and why

For 70 years, the Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) has brought together stakeholders focused on progressing the Canadian energy industry. We believe our nation’s greatest successes are secured through strategic partnerships. For CEEA, the fabric of true accomplishment is woven through the collaboration of producers, service providers, indigenous communities, policy-makers, academia, investors, and everyday Canadian citizens. Our industry is vital to maintaining the standard of living for every Canadian. When uncertainty creeps into the ‘everyday’ we navigate through the ambiguity and work together to move ever-upward!

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A message from the Chairs

John Cooper & Kathy Bowden

As our lives begin to get back to normal, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we announce our premier August event at the one-of-a-kind Banff Fairmount Springs Hotel.  Society has demonstrated an incredible amount of perseverance and fortitude.  Our reward is the ability to gather and experience everything put on ‘pause’ for the last 18  months.


For more than 70 years, CEEA continues to recognize the contributions of the energy industry, enriching all Canadian lives. What an incredible journey of growth and change. Through the years, the vision and direction of CEEA have strived to complement and enhance these industry changes.

CEEA exists for three primary reasons:

1. Networking and relationship building in the broader energy world,

2. Advocacy efforts.

3. Community and charitable initiatives.

In essence, CEEA operates on a national and international platform while recognizing the contributions of and actively giving back to our community.  We are proud of our past, present, and future contributions to the welfare of our country.

CEEA is committed to ensuring Canada remains the most environmentally responsible, collaborative, and sustainable producer of energy our world needs.

We wish everyone good health and look forward to seeing you at our August Premier event this year.



A Global Challenge

CEEA is committed to education - In this short video clip, we focus on raising awareness around Energy Poverty.  

Energy Poverty is a big deal, perhaps not where you live, but for more than 1 billion people, access to energy is a dream.  It's well-known that energy fuels world progress.  If society is serious about providing humanity with access to energy - clean energy - providing awareness of the poverty issue is step #1