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CEEA's Energy Business Forum (EBF)

The CEEA EBF is the only business forum for executives focused on progressing the Canadian energy industry.  Rooted in the relationships between business, policy, and education, our events provide insight, awareness, and the perfect stage to expand your network.  We want to ensure energy stakeholders understand the complexities (and opportunities) associated with fueling world progress.  


"Finger-pointing leads nowhere.  If you want to ensure your great ideas never get off the ground, simply point your finger at someone else when times get tough. 


When it comes to the enormity of Canada's energy resources and their overwhelming net-benefit to society, we wanted to ensure the two largest stakeholders in the decision-making process were brought together: Business and Political leaders.  For most challenges, it's the dialogue that brings people together. 


John Geddes (Chair 61st) augmented traditional Oilmen's events by adding structured business events to the agenda. The rationale for an EBF was simple: tackle the broad & complex challenges of our industry while remaining topical, relevant, and important.  In 2011 we developed a ten-year plan, built on dealing with ten critical issues.  Today, the same issues are simply table stakes in the ever-increasing complexities of the global energy industry"

Earl Hickok - Board of Governor (alum)

"...we've held a lot of events in the ballroom over the years, but we've never had a lineup of speakers with more power, influence, and experience"  Director, Fairmont Banff Springs

Critical Issues

One: Move beyond one customer

Two: Drive infrastructure for export

Three: Foster technology and innovation

Four: Enhance partnerships with Aboriginal groups

Five: Entice new workers

Six: Be more proud and vocal

Seven: Improve environmental stewardship

Eight: Advance energy literacy

Nine: Collaborate with governments 

Ten: Form a marathon team 

In 2011, the inaugural EBF brought 200 leaders together from across Canada to discuss emerging challenges in the energy sector.  Collective desire was to proactively mitigate potential pitfalls and emerge with the power to continue leading Canadians (and the world) to a prosperous and sustainable future.  Out of this unprecedented gathering emerged ten critical issues.  Today, the issues are similar.  The only difference for Canadians: the consequences of inaction are much greater. 

2022 Events

We hold a number of EBF-themed events throughout the calendar year.  Check out the planned events for 2022 here

In 2021, the CEEA Board of Directors commissioned a 10-year lookback project to celebrate and highlight the EBF.  Our project is almost complete.  Check back soon


Lori Ackerman, Hon. Pierre Arcand, Hon. Jean Charest, Hon. Christy Clark, Hon. Stockwell Day, Hon. Gary Doer, Gov. Mary Fallin, Hon. Robert Ghiz, Hon. Brian Jean, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Premier Jason Kenney, Hon. Preston Manning, Hon. Gary Mar, Hon. Marg McCuaig-Boyd, Hon. Frank McKenna, Hon. Diana McQueen, Gov. Jay Nixon, Former Premier Alison Redford, Hon. Sonya Savage

Chief Jim Boucher, Stephen Buffalo, Deanna Burgart, Cheryl Cardinal, Chief Ernie Crey, Chief Elmer Derrick, Chief Greg Desjarlais, Chief Wallace Fox, Elmer Ghostkeeper, Chief Wilton (Willie) Littlechild, Chief Robert Louie, Chief Billy Morin, Chief Ellis Ross, Dale Swampy, Dave Tuccaro, Chief Delbert Wapass, Chief Joe Dion

Lord Conrad Black, Rick Mercer, Dr Patrick Moore, Rex Murphy, Lesley Rigg

Industry Experts

Farhan Al-Farhan, Ian Anderson, Eric Axford, Je Ballingall, Mike Belenkie, Michael Binnion, Myles Bosman, Kyle Braid, Darrel Bricker, Mike Brown, Catherine Brownlee, Joleen Burnett, Paul Cassidy, Carlo Dade, Joanna Desjardins, Nav Dhunay, Vernon D’Souza, Dale Dusterhoft, Rob Dutton, Nico Duursema, Jim Ellis, Derek Evans, Greg Fagnan, Mark Fitzgerald, Jackie Forrest, Mike Gatens, Celine Gerson, Cameron Gingrich, John Gorman, James Graham, Aaron Gunn, Nigel Hannaford, Liz Hannah, Earl Hickok, Trish Josephs, Samir Kayande, Dave Kennedy, Giselle Kovary, Kevin Krausert, Vivian Krouse, Rich Kruger, William Lacy, Troy Lanigan, Mark Little, Steve Major, Shuv Majumdar, Allan Markin, Bill McCaffrey, Dennis McConaghy, January McKee, Tim McMillan, Jack Mintz, Clayton Norris, Mark O’Byrne, Gordon Pettigrew, Susannah Pierce, Joy Romero, Mike Rose, Tisha Schuller, Suzanne Sexton, Kay She, Mark Sholz, Keith Steeves, Doug Suttles, Peter Tertzakian, Trevor Tombe, Je Tonken, Chris Tucker, Rhys Turner, Blair Ward, Pat Ward, Laura Weeden, John Van Ham, Mac Van Wielingen, W. Brett Wilson, David Yager.

Past Speakers

Former Heads of State

President FW de Klerk

Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper

Prime Minister Paul Martin

Policy Makers

Indigenous Leaders


 --  est. 2011   --

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