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Sometimes it takes a little more than word of mouth to fully digest our unique value proposition.  If you need to know more about our association, or the events we produce, please click on any of the documents to download a printable/sharable copy.

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The CEEA Post - Spring 2022
Binnion: Canada's approach to energy fails allies
Smith: Federal embrace of carbon tech is a victory for the energy industry
Smith: Ukraine should be a wake-up call for Canada on energy
Politician News Interview
CEEA & Queens University
Press Coverage
CEEA & 770 CHQR Radio
CEEA & Canadian Bar Association

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Our Board Members are a busy bunch.  While we each have day jobs, our advocacy for the industry that supports our standard of living never stops.  Check out a few recaps of past events where we've been featured in video, in print, and in electronic media.