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Energy Business Forum: Mid-Year Update

Join us as we discuss “Private sector solutions to the global environmental challenge”

Tickets: $48CAD 

Thursday, April 22nd - 3:00pm to 5:45pm

Format: Webinar

It is becoming clearer from the early results of the Alberta Inquiry by the Canadian Energy Center that there is a transnational movement that has been funding anti-Canadian oil and Gas campaigns as part of implementing a ‘great reset’ of our market economy. Our EBF Spring Series updates attendees on the initial reports done for the CEC that were made public on this Foreign Funding and why. These reports and other investigations have been led by Commissioner Steve Allan (AOE, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D).

We will also explore the circular economy and the potential for the private sector to find better solutions for our global environment. The advent of ESG imperatives, divestment movement, and more, have made it clear that if the market economy does not respond

with better and more economical solutions for global environmental concerns, the Alberta and Canadian economy will be among the most negatively affected.

Michael Binnion, CEEA Board Governor

EBF Mid-Year Update 50/50 Charity Raffle

Purchase your tickets today for a chance to win up to $10,000. All money raised will go directly to CEEA’s supported local charities: Calgary Police Youth Foundation, Calgary Reads, and Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse.

Panel 1: Foreign Funding - Who, How Much, and Why?

An orchestrated campaign has been waged against the Canadian Oil & Gas sector and the Alberta Government has allocated funds to determine its root cause.  This panel will discuss academic papers investigating who is behind these campaigns, more details of the amounts involved, and the source of motivation.


Speakers: Dr. Tammy Nemeth - Historian, Dr. Barry Cooper - Professor of Political Science, University of Calgary


Panel 2: Technologies to fuel the circular economy - Creating a Market!

Mother nature recycles carbon very effectively but perhaps not as fast as our modern economies create it. New technologies are on the cusp of commercialization and there are examples of how humans can recycle carbon and make it a feedstock for valuable products. If we can reduce, recycle and sequester our carbon emissions we can usher in a new sustainable circular economy.

Speakers: Sinha Apoorv - Carbon Upscaling, Rakshith Belur - Breath Sciences, Bregt Licht - Capital Power, Dr. Alex Ip - CERT Systems, Rahul Shendure - Carbon Built, Zoe Morrison - Carbon Capture Machine

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