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Connecting top-tier executives in the Canadian Energy Industry, promoting its renaissance and a vibrant future, while making a meaningful contribution to the community and environment.
Relationships, Pride, Networking, Inclusion, Fun, Change, Giving
CEEA has a three-pillared strategy to accomplish our Mission

Pre-eminent network of influential energy executives from various forms of Canadian Energy and primarily from organizations within the broad oil and gas supply chain in Canada, which also engages their partners/significant others.

Our Three Pillars

Widen your Reach

Purposeful networking events which create business value both organizationally and personally for our members.

CEEA organizes a number of Executive Business Forum conferences and business social events throughout the year for members and their partners, the pre-eminent of which is the 71 year-old legacy Oilmen's Golf Tournament, which embodies of Energy Industry's rich history and dtraditions from its beginning in Canada.

CEEA continues to be a meeting spot where deals can get done and lifetime friendships formed.  This is even more important as the industry moves towards lower carbon emissions.


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Tell our Story

CEEA facilitates positive advocacy for the Canadian Energy Industry and educates its members.

CEEA is proud to have helped lead the messaging that Canadian Energy is among the best on the planet in terms of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and the path to lower carbon emissions, in addition to meaningful and strong Indigenous engagement and participation. 

We keep our members informed and help foster the sharing of ideas, collaborative interests, and latest innovations in the Canadian Energy Industry.

Where appropriate and synergistic opportunities arise, we collaborate and join with other like-minded organizations to further positive news about and developments in our Canadian Energy Industry.

We are not paid, nor are we lobbyists.

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Give Back

CEEA financially supports select charitable causes that are aligned with our values throughout the year, in a reasonable and meaningful way.

We recognize how fortunate we are to participate in such a rewarding and essential component to the economy and health of Canada as the Canadian Energy Industry.  It is important for us to give to those in need.  

We are proud that CEEA has raised almost $680,000 over the past five years for our chosen charities in our community.


Our Core Values


We foster connections for personal, professional, and corporate growth.


We provide unique events and experiences for executives and partners to createlasting friendships.


We are the premier business association for energy




We focus on collaboration

across all energy

value chains.


We recognize the need for

continuous renewal by attracting emerging generations of innovative leaders in a diverse and changing energy landscape.


We are proud of our history and want to promote our world class standards, continuous innovation, and environmental




We give back to the community supporting a large number of charitable