The Calgary Police Foundation (CPF) partners exclusively with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) to fund six youth-based programs to reduce youth victimization and criminal activity, focusing on education, prevention and early intervention to ensure “Safe kids, safe families, safe Calgary”. The carefully selected community initiatives that are not traditionally funded by government sources are YouthLink Calgary, Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD), Multi-Agency School Support Team (MASST), Calgary Police Cadet Corps, Integrated School Support Program (ISSP) and PowerPlay.

Working closely with parents, teachers, and communities, Calgary Reads encourages children’s love of reading with free books, resources and developing school programs. Building and maintaining relationships with educators, families and community service providers, Calgary Reads delivers literacy programs and initiatives directly to children where they learn and play – at home, at school, and in the community. Helping children learn to read earlier in life, to build confidence and love of reading with their own library by providing books they can keep are just a few examples of initiatives supported by Calgary Reads



Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) is the primary sexual abuse and sexual assault crisis and education service provider for Calgary and surrounding areas. Our organization exists because sexual violence is a crime that is prevalent in our society and impacts a significant number of people.
CCASA strives to enhance the health and well being of all people and our broader community through responsible and effective programs in sexual abuse education, research, and advocacy, crisis intervention, and counseling.
After over 20 years in the community, CCASA has become a strong foundation in the service delivery web, and a leader in the field of sexual violence.

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