Every year, on the 4th Saturday in August, a toast of appreciation is made to the Board of Directors - and then the Chair promptly fires them all. 


No less than 4 weeks later, the incoming-Chair hires a new Board.


For the 70th Year, our Board of Governors is listed below

Chair: John Cooper & Kathy Bowden


Co-chair: Steve & Jenn Major

Past-chair: Scott & Laura Lovett

Treasurer: Kevin & Joanna O/Brien


Governor, Food & Beverage: Jennifer & Steve Baerg

Governor, Conference Format & Speakers: Michael and Maria Binnion

Governor, Charitable Funding: Myles & Kim Bosman

Governor, Indigenous Nations & Engagement: Stephen & Colleen Buffalo

Governor, Registration Services: Joleen & Mike Burnett

Governor, Social Media: Trevor & Karen Conway

Governor, Contributions & Strategy: Nico & Zelda Duursema

Governor, Communications: Greg & Tanya Fagnan

Governor, Entertainment: Dan & Jessilyn Forigo

Governor, Golf, Golf Services & Wagering: Alex & Layne Fulthorpe

Director, Marketing: Celine & Jay Gerson

Director, Event Services & Evening of Champions: Brian & Dijana Hamm

Governor, Hotel Reservations & Registration: Perry Jasson & Larisa Golovatskaya

Director, Recruiting: Rick & Tatyana Koshman

Governor, Transportation & Logistics: Ashley & Christie Leroux

Governor, Partners Golf & Putting Contest: Bill Matheson & Georgia Mayson

Governor, Innovation & Technology: January & Sheldon McKee

Governor, Conference Services: Doug & Karen McNeil

Governor, Partners Brunch: Tom & Bonni Pierce

Governor, Prizes: Katherine & Dean Piquette

Director, Golfing & Events: Brent & Allison Quinton

Governor, Canadian Recruiting: Toni & Allan Saville

Governor, Special Events: Wade & Nikki Sparks

Governor, Newcomers & Volunteers: Gary & Kathryn Summach

Governor, US & International Recruiting: Rene & Donna VandenBrand

Governor, Decorations: Kimberly Van Vliet & Kevin Wong

Governor, Master of Ceremonies: Richard Waller & Jane McCaig

Director, Executive Conference: Pat & Michelle Ward